Masonry Restoration / Repair

Masonry is one of the most durable building materials available, but it can is still vulnerable to stress and wear. Deteriorated mortar joints and cracked bricks are often caused by stress buildup in masonry facades, original construction defects, water penetration within and behind the masonry wall, or a host of other issues. Similarly, moisture, pollution, wind, and sun exposure can distress the look and overall appearance of brick and stone masonry structures, as well its structural integrity.

Williams Restoration offers a complete range of masonry restoration services that both renew the appearance of brick and stone surfaces and protect them from further deterioration. We also offer an array of masonry repair and maintenance services. Masonry restoration and repair services include:

  • thru-wall flashing installation and replacement
  • tuckpointing
  • brick and stone repointing and replacement
  • exterior stone and tile work
  • historical restoration
  • brick paver and plaza resetting and replacement
  • stone replacement and stone pointing
  • facade waterproofing
  • repointing
  • wall stabilization
  • facade cleaning
  • coating and paint removal