Waterproofing / Sealants

Deterioration and water penetration are a natural result of time and weathering. Keeping a building dry is critical to the preservation of any structure, as water is most likely the most damaging element to any facility, and can even affect the structural integrity of a building.

Of course, waterproofing, as it applies to construction, refers to all of the areas of a building except the roof. Floors, vertical sides, and the bases of buildings need to be protected against intrusion of unwanted water. Our waterproofing services range from below grade, to walls, balconies and decks.  We also provide waterproofing and sealant services to plaza decks, windows, and between slab membranes, and offe various injection methods to prevent water ingress under pressure including epoxy and polyurethane systems.

However, waterproofing is not always the best solution.  When dealing with restorations for historic structures, the use of effective water management (how these buildings were originally designed to shed water), is often best solution.  Luckily, Williams Restoration is experienced in both water management and modern waterproofing techniques technologies.

From new construction to complete building restoration, Williams Restoration provides the highest standard in waterproofing and building sealant services, including:

  • Building and control joint sealants
  • Water repellents and elastomeric
  • Through-wall flashing repairs
  • Fluid-applied traffic membranes
  • Urethane & epoxy injection
  • Sheet and liquid-applied membrane waterproofing systems
  • Parking garage and plaza deck reconstruction and waterproofing
  • Water management planning