Concrete Repair

Water, salt, carbon and various chemicals do not react well with reinforcing steel.  As is often the case, the reinforcement inside concrete can develop rust, and expand from within, causing spalling to the concrete, deterioration, and eventual failure.

Williams Restoration specialized in concrete repair and uses a variety of proven techniques to not only repair, but also improve both the look and strength of your concrete and reverse the eroding effects of time and weather and prevent future contamination.

Williams Restoration can clean or replace deteriorated reinforcing steel, apply rust inhibitors, and when appropriate even use non-conventional reinforcing methods such as carbon fiber wraps.  The appearance of concrete can easily be restored by pressure washing or chemical means, and sealants can and should also be applied to protect from future staining, moisture, cracking, pitting and other weather damage.

Concrete repair services include:

  • Concrete slab repair and replacement
  • Concrete spall and crack repairs
  • Structural beams and column repair
  • Carbon fiber reinforcement
  • Vehicular and pedestrian traffic coating systems
  • Epoxy and urethane grout injection
  • Expansion joint repair and replacement
  • Penetrating sealers and corrosion inhibiting penetrators
  • Restoration and preservation of building exteriors