Parking Structures

Parking garages take a lot abuse. Exposure to vehicular traffic, water penetration, deicing chemicals and oils can lead to common, but serious problems for parking structures, such as spalling and deteriorating concrete.

Whether it’s to repair, provide for regular maintenance, or to assist in a major parking structure upgrade, clients choose Williams Restoration to provide restoration services that solve problems and strengthen and improve the longevity of their investments. Our parking structure services address restoration issues for wide variety of garage elements, including ramps, decks, slabs, walls, beams, and columns, and focus of the following remediation needs.
  • Expansion joint replacement
  • Waterproofing / sealants
  • Strengthening and reinforcement
  • Concrete repair / patching
  • Vehicular deck coatings
  • Remove and sterilize any incidental vegetation.

Williams Restoration is a licensed applicator of Neogard, Mameco and Sonneborn deck coating products, as well as Watson Bowman, Jeene Joint, Pecora, Tremco, and Sonneborn expansion joint systems.